Dyslexia Centre: Assessment, Advice, Support

Dyslexia Centre: Assessment, Advice, Support

Children and Young People

Children and Young People


School Age

Involvement is likely to be clarified with parents and/or the school via a free telephone consultation in order to ensure assessment and support fulfils the needs of the individual. Assessment and support could include: direct work with the child, parental interview, school contact. A report would be provided detailing the child’s learning profile, together with appropriate recommendations.

Early Years

Concerns at this age are likely to involve visits to nursery or the reception year in school, observations, and gathering staff and parental views. This would particularly be to ascertain the child’s early language and phonological skills, including letter-sound knowledge.

Advice and Support

School In-Service

Staff from the Centre can complete staff in-services at your school (e.g. Dyslexia Awareness Training; Literacy Development or other topics). The option of half or full day sessions is available. Topics for the sessions may be negotiated with the school or organising body by contacting us.

Teacher/TA Training

Specific Teaching Assistant and SENCO training can also be organized to develop specific literacy strategies such as Precision Teaching.

Parent/Teacher Training

Once a learning profile is obtained (by the Dyslexia Centre or other) a training session that focuses on relevant strategies can be completed with parents or teachers. This session aims to equip participants with strategies and activities to commence intervention, including recommendations of relevant support material.

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